Pesach is almost here.

While you’re busy cleaning and scouring your home, koshering your kitchen and cooking up a storm, remember our courageous soldiers who will be spending Pesach on their bases and on the front lines, defending our country and Jewish brothers and sisters.

While we celebrate the Pesach seder, drink the Four Cups and eat matzah with our family and loved ones,

They’re far away, placing their lives on the line.

Our soldiers want to celebrate Pesach too, and they need your help to do it!

Partner with us by sending wine and grape juice for the Four Cups, matzah, Haggadahs and Pesach sets to our heroic soldiers!

Join us in letting our soldiers celebrate the Chag Hacheirut together with Am Yisrael!

With heartfelt tefillot that all our soldiers and captives will emerge from darkness to light, from captivity to freedom, and from anguish to eternal joy!