Hagai Luber at the Hostages' Families Rally
Hagai Luber at the Hostages' Families RallyPaulina Patimer

Hagai Luber, father of the late Elisha Yehonatan Luber who fell in battle in Gaza about four months ago during building searches for signs of life from the hostages, addressed a large rally marking six months of Hamas captivity.

"Many people thanked me for Yehonatan, and one person said a wonderful expression to me – 'Thank you for Yehonatan,'" the bereaved father stated.

Turning to the hostages' families, he added: "I say to you, dear families - thank you for you, thank you for voicing this wonderful call for mutual responsibility. And what is mutual responsibility if not hundreds of thousands of soldiers are willing to take the place of the hostages? Who are ready to risk themselves for the hostages."

Luber continued, "I tell you here - I have three sons if there is a small chance that any of them could go back to Gaza and save our brothers, our loved ones, whom we miss and love, or recover a body and bring it to a grave in Israel. I tell you as a bereaved father, I will send them! This is a mutual responsibility. It is not tribal responsibility, not partisan responsibility, it is the mutual responsibility of each and every one of these people."