Itay Regev and Agam Goldstein
Itay Regev and Agam GoldsteinPaulina Patimer

A rally was held in Jerusalem on Sunday with approximately 50,000 participants, marking half a year in which 133 hostages spent in Hamas captivity.

At the rally, Hamas captivity survivors Itay Regev and Agam Goldstein spoke on behalf of the children who have been released from captivity.

Hamas captivity survivor Itay Regev who was kidnapped from the Nova party along with his sister Maya Regev and was released from Hamas captivity after 54 days, addressed the rally: "Fear is when my sister Maya told me she was so afraid they would know we were siblings because she feared they would kill me and leave her alive, or vice versa, just for the joke."

He described the horrible acts of the terrorists and sent a message to the government: "Hamas members try to convince the hostages that the state has abandoned them and that no one wants a prisoner exchange deal. In the name of our brothers and sisters, our flesh and blood, your flesh and blood, I want to ask our leaders - is this true? We would be happy to have an answer before the recess."

Agam Goldstein, who was kidnapped from her home in Kfar Aza along with her mother Chen and her two younger brothers Tal and Gal, also addressed the crowd. Her father Nadav and sister Yam were murdered on October 7. Agam was released along with her mother and two brothers after 51 days. "I haven't started to rehabilitate myself yet. So how will you all return? Today marks half a year since the murder of my father and sister. How can I mourn quietly when you girls are bleeding there?" Goldstein stated.