TikTok Israel marks six months since the outbreak of the war and says that over 3.1 million videos that violated social media rules have been removed, including content that supported Hamas or contained hate speech, violent extremism, and misinformation.

In addition, TikTok notified that more than 320 million fake accounts worldwide have been removed, including content published by those accounts.

"We immediately mobilized resources to help us improve both our proactive automated detection and boost our content review teams as we tackled these new and evolving risks. Thanks to the improvements we made to our content monitoring technology models at the start of the war, we saw an immediate 234% increase in the removal of infringing comments in Israel, Gaza, and the West Bank, thanks to this technology," TikTok reported.

They added: "As part of the training programs that we hold for our content review teams on a regular basis, we also deployed worldwide training for identifying content with clear-cut bias and refreshed our policy towards hate, with an emphasis on antisemitism and Islamophobia. This move led to a 13% increase in the level of accuracy of the content reviewers in North America, regarding the enforcement of our strict rules against hate speech and hateful behavior."

"These efforts help us to ensure that we provide our user community with safe, inclusive, and welcoming TikTok experiences."