Soldiers in the snow
Soldiers in the snowIDF Spokesperson

In the midst of fierce battles within Gaza, along the northern border, and throughout Judea and Samaria, we are receiving an overwhelming number of pleas for assistance from soldiers.

They are fighting courageously against terrorists and human-shaped animals who will stop at nothing to harm them.

Our soldiers are risking their lives in the fields of combat, and they urgently turn to us, pleading, "We lack life-saving equipment, please help us with whatever you can".


The equipment they lack is critical and essential for every soldier, as it can make all the difference between life and death on the battlefield, God forbid! There is a high demand among our soldiers for vests, helmets, first aid kits, tourniquets, bandages for wounds, knife tools for firearm maintenance, water carriers to prevent dehydration, field dressings, painkillers, various medications, fasteners for securing equipment to prevent loss, and other crucial gear.

In the field of combat, this equipment is a literal lifesaver, preserving the lives of our brave fighters and preventing casualties. They are eagerly awaiting our rapid assistance. We cannot afford to remain indifferent; this is an urgent call to save the lives of our soldiers.

Every Am Israel stands united across the world! We will not stand idly by! Please help us ensure the safety of our soldiers and provide them with life-saving equipment on the battlefield!


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