Galei Zahal military journalist Doron Kadosh on Saturday night responded to the IDF's announcement regarding three terror tunnels which were destroyed, two of which crossed into Israeli territory.

One of the tunnels stretched 50 meters into Israel, while the other reached 300 meters into Israeli territory.

"The IDF lied to the Israeli public, and specifically to the residents of the Gaza border region, by saying explicitly, countless times, in various briefings and meetings that there are no more tunnels which cross from Gaza into Israeli territory," he wrote.

"We can understand why they wanted to keep this story secret, in order to create operational success, but it's impossible to ignore the lies, which continued for years and have now been exposed. It's not clear who made the decision to lie this way to the public back in 2019, but many in the IDF's top brass continued to maintain the lie since then.

"Now, when the residents of Ein Hashlosha discovered that a terror tunnel reached so close to them, is this how the IDF wants to rehabilitate the trust that was so critically injured on October 7?"