The knife that was caught
The knife that was caughtIsrael Police

Border Police officers on Saturday arrested a 17-year-old illegal Palestinian Authority resident, with a large knife taped to his body. The incident occurred at Damascus Gate in Jerusalem, as the youth passed by the area and aroused the suspicion of the officers.

The officers took him for inspection at the security checkpoint, and during the search, the knife was found on him. The youth was taken for investigation where the suspicion that he planned to carry out a stabbing attack in the area grew stronger.

It was also found that before his arrest, the young man posted, "The important thing is that I end my life with satisfaction, because there is no fulfillment apart from Paradise."

At the Megiddo Junction in the Jezreel Valley, an attempted attack was thwarted on Friday. A 17-year-old youth, a resident of the village of Musmus, aroused the suspicion of police officers who were at the scene. As the officers approached, the youth pulled out a hammer and ran towards them. The officers shot at the suspect, lightly injured him, and arrested him. The police raided his home shortly afterwards.