UN Human Rights Council
UN Human Rights CouncilReuters

The UN Human Rights Council in Geneva on Friday adopted a resolution condemning Israel for its war in Gaza without mentioning the October 7th massacre. The resolution equates the hostages with security prisoners suspected of terrorist activity, denies that Israel has the right to defend itself, legitimizes Palestinian Arab violence, calls for an embargo on arms sales to Israel, and does not relate to Iran and its allies supplying arms to Hamas.

Israel’s ambassador to Geneva, Merav Shahar, left the deliberations in protest against the adoption of the resolution.

“This Council and many like it involve themselves day and night with condemning Israel and protecting the terrorist organization Hamas, as well as anyone attempting to injure and destroy us,” she declared.

“This resolution is a stain on the Human Rights Council and the UN as a whole. Shame on the Council that adopts a resolution that cannot even mention Hamas or the October 7th massacre. The Council cannot condemn the cruel murders of 1,200 of our citizens and the abduction of 240 men, women, and children, rapes, mutilations, and sexual abuse of men and women both.”

The resolution was opposed by the USA, Germany, Argentina, Paraguay, Bulgaria, and Malawi. Additional resolutions condemning Israel are expected to be put forward throughout the day, and the USA is expected to oppose them all.