Tzvi Yechezkeli
Tzvi YechezkeliArutz Sheva

Arab affairs analyst Tzvi Yechezkeli has urged the public to calm the concerns regarding an Iranian retaliation following the elimination of Mohammad Reza, a senior Quds commander in Syria.

"In all news there was history - everyone is on the Iranian issue, speaking about the war that is about to break out, about generators and electricity. I tried to send a calming message, and even the journalist behind me, who no one suspects of having too much faith [in G-d], said that 'Israel is not widowed.' I second his statements."

"We are not alone - it doesn't matter what happens. In my opinion, the Iranian response will be minor. They do not want a war, and they will let the Arabs respond instead of them - because from their perspective, the Arabs' blood is cheap," he explained.

"I don't know what will happen, and we are in a kind of trauma since October 7. Ahead of Shabbat, I suggest that we just have faith. This is a test of faith, and we believe that the forces of good are with us, protecting us, that there is a Creator of the world, we are not alone and Israel is not widowed. I believe that there will be good and that everything that is happening with us is one great trial, so that we will understand that we are being protected as a nation for thousands of years already - including on this Shabbat."

On Thursday night, Israel's Health Ministry summoned all hospital managers for a planning meeting due to the threats from Iran, asking hospital directors and the heads of the health system to continue preparing for a scenario of a mass-casualty incident. The summons sparked panic among Israeli civilians, who began worrying about procuring enough cash and generators to make it through a weeks-long emergency.

The IDF on later that night stressed, "The Homefront Command's instructions are unchanged. There is no need to purchase generators, stock up on food, or take money out of ATMs. As we acted until now, we will immediately officially update you on any change if there will be any."