Economy Minister Nir Barkat spoke to MSNBC about the war with Gaza and Israel's decision to allow and even encourage the funneling of funds to Hamas prior to October 7.

At the beginning of the interview, Barkat explained, "I think that everyone understands that Hamas' charter is to destroy Israel."

When asked why Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told Qatar to continue funding Hamas, just three weeks before the most horrific attack on Jews since the Holocaust, Barkat told host Joe Scarborough, "I think if anything, October 7 shattered that concept."

Scarborough then noted that Barkat had just said that Netanyahu saw Hamas as Nazis, questioning again why, if this was the perception, Netanyahu sent the head of the Mossad to Qatar to urge them to continue funding Hamas.

"We were always angry that Qatar funded Hezbollah and Hamas," the host added. "I want to know why did Benjamin Netanyahu do that?"

"Qatar is a wolf in sheep's clothes," Barkat said.

"You're feeding that wolf and you're telling that wolf to feed the Nazis in Gaza. So explain to me, because I really want to know, why was Benjamin Netayahu and his government funding - they were allies with Qatar in the funding of Hamas. Why?"

"I think it's a mistake, and it was uncovered on October 7. October 7 demonstrated that if you think you can buy quiet, peace, by funding Hamas, it's a huge mistake," Barkat responded.

Scarborough did not relent, and insisted on asking again why Netanyahu, knowing that Hamas' charter calls to kill Jews and eradicate Israel, would still work to fund Hamas "to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars, and work with Qatar to fund Hamas."

He also asked why there was a delay of several hours between when the massacre occurred and when security forces finally arrived to rescue the Israelis sheltering near the Gaza border. "Where was Benjamin Netanyahu, where was the IDF, where were the defense forces over those 12-13 hours, while the worst slaughter of Jews since the Holocaust was unfolding within 40-50 miles?"

"These faults will be uncovered and there are many many challenges, and we will investigate everything," Barkat promised.