David Friedman
David FriedmanArutz Sheva

Former US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman took to social media on Thursday to dispel the narrative regarding Israeli suffering.

"With few exceptions, the media is misleading the public on the Israel-Hamas war. They have created a perception that while Israelis suffered on a single day, since then all the pain has been inflicted on Palestinians," Friedman opens his post.

The former Ambassador explained that "Israelis indeed suffered on October 7, in brutal ways that defy adequate description. But they also have suffered every day since. Thousands are wounded and in pain, families have been torn apart, tens of thousands of residents in the south and the north have been displaced with no idea when they will return home, children are mourning for their parents and parents mourn their children. Other parents of soldiers barely sleep, in constant fear of devastating news."

He remarked: "This is Israel today — a nation in trauma. They don’t want to kill Palestinians, they just want the hostages released and Hamas to lay down its arms.

"There is not a single Israeli who is not suffering today, deeply and personally. This is the untold story in the media and it is one reason why public opinion is moving away from Israel’s just cause," he concluded."