President Isaac Herzog
President Isaac HerzogMaayan Toaf / GPO

President Isaac Herzog, at a Bar and Bat Mitzvah event for IDF orphans, addressed recent violent anti-government protests.

He opened his words with a story that he heard recently: "A few days ago I was paid a surprise visit by Ruchama Hershkovitz, the mother of Yossi Hershkovitz who fell in battle in Gaza. Yossi was the principal of the Pelech boys' school. Michal and I were moved to meet her, and we were moved even more when she asked us, in tears, one thing only: to do everything to stop the rift in the nation. To do everything to fulfill Yossi's will and to maintain unity in Israel.

"This is what the nation wants and demands constantly: not to return to the discourse of October 6th and certainly not in the middle of the war. It is clear to us all that the right to demonstrate and protest is one of the basic rights of our democracy, and that demonstrations are vital in Israeli society. But there is a way to argue and disagree, and there is a way to protest and demonstrate. Violence is a red line that can no way be crossed," Herzog emphasized.

"I wish to remind us all that the internal division is the greatest motivator for our enemies who gladly follow it; especially during the tense days that we are in and that stand before us. And therefore we may not return to October 6th. Our lives depend on it," the president concluded.