Chief Superintendent Yaron Binyaim
Chief Superintendent Yaron BinyaimPolice Spokesperson

The head of the Israel Police Unit of International Crime Investigations Security Division, Chief Superintendent Yaron Binyaim, discussed for the first time the interrogations of the terrorists who committed the October 7th massacre.

"We interrogated terrorists who dealt in the body parts of the victims of October 7th. They cut off limbs, took them with them to Gaza, and planned to trade them in future negotiations for hostages. We interrogated terrorists who were awash with hate, who took knives and murdered anything they got their hands on," Binyamin recounted.

"I say to those who deny the crimes of the Nukhba terrorists that after six months of interrogations, there is no doubt at all regarding the horrifying quantity of crimes committed on October 7th. Today we understand this through the testimonies of the very terrorists who committed this terrible massacre."

According to him, "When you sit in front of a terrorist, your top goal is to pull the truth and everything he knows out of him. Not only to know what he himself did, but to also know who his fellow terrorists were, who planned, who executed, who still hasn't been caught, and what missions the terrorists were given before leaving Gaza.

"In the interrogation room, it is very difficult to remove emotions but that is exactly the difference between a good interrogator and a great interrogator. Every investigation like this one will stay with us, the interrogators for years to come," he concluded.