Rabbi Dan Segal
Rabbi Dan SegalCourtesy

Rabbi Dan Segal, a haredi spiritual guide, commented on the Supreme Court's decision regarding the non-recruitment of haredim to the IDF, arguing that only Yeshiva students truly bear the burden of defending the country.

"Indeed, the whole of Israel is still Israel, even though there are many who err, but the whole of Israel is one whole, and therefore it is true that everyone needs to bear and contribute to the success of the whole of Israel," he said during his speech at the 'Union of Yeshivas' conference. His speech was quoted on the haredi site Kikar Hashabbat.

"But there is one fundamental mistake here, what is called equality in burden? The truth is that those who truly bear the burden are the Yeshiva students, the holy Torah scholars".

In his words, he recounted: "A free woman from Haifa told me a year ago 'I must believe that Yeshiva students have something that gives them some satisfaction, otherwise there is no explanation for why they don’t do everything that the world does, how they can stay like this without anything, there must be something that gives them much more satisfaction'. This was said by someone who never learned 'Tosafot', never said a blessing, and never had any 'closeness to God'.

"Indeed, we are the ones who truly bear the burden and the rest are results, therefore, on the contrary, we must fortify ourselves in Torah study, in prayer, in holiness, and in everything. Everyone knows that if it only concerns oneself, it’s satisfactory, but if one knows that he is responsible for others like a father who knows he is responsible for a family then he has a responsibility."

"The truth is that the dear Torah students, the keepers of the Torah and the commandments, they are the supporters of everything, of the entire Jewish nation, and of the entire situation. Equality in burden? That's not called equality! It's called us bearing the burden! The bearing of the burden is the strengthening in Torah and in prayer".