Teddy Stadium in Jerusalem
Teddy Stadium in JerusalemYossi Zamir/Flash 90

An indictment has been filed against three ISIS-affiliated Jerusalem Arabs who planned to carry out terror attacks at central locations in Jerusalem.

Israel Police and the ISA (Shin Bet) foiled terror attacks planned by ISIS-supporting terrorists in Jerusalem's Arab neighborhoods.

Two of the terrorists planned to prepare explosive devices and weapons and carry out a shooting attack on a police station and near Jerusalem's "Teddy" stadium. The two joined up with a third terrorist, who instructed them and persuaded them undergo terror attack training abroad, in order to practice and advance terror activities in Israel and abroad.

However, Israel Police and the ISA learned of their intentions and arrested them before they could carry out their plans.

Over the past month, the ISA and police began investigating the terror cell, suspecting an intention to carry out terror attacks which included placing explosive devices and firing live weapons, as well as suspicions that the terrorists were affiliated with ISIS.

Following guidance from the ISA, three terrorists in their 20s, all residents of Jerusalem, were arrested approximately one month ago. Interrogations revealed that they had sworn allegiance to ISIS and planned to carry out a number of terror attacks in central locations in Jerusalem, by using both live fire and explosive devices.

The investigations revealed that two of the terrorists planned to carry out an attack on a police station in an Arab neighborhood in Jerusalem. The terrorists also planned to carry out a terror attack at the Jerusalem stadium, by placing an explosive device at the site. Since they did not succeed in preparing the device, they planned to carry out a shooting attack at the scene instead.

The two terrorists joined a third individual, a terrorist in his 50s who is a resident of Sawahera al-Sharqiya, near Jerusalem, who instructed them and convinced them to travel to terror trainings abroad - first in African countries and then in Syria or Iraq, in order to advance terror attacks in Israel and abroad. Later, the additional suspect was arrested on suspicion of involvement in the matter.

Prior to their arrest, the two terrorists began preparing to carry out terror attacks and learning about how to prepare the devices and other means of destruction by which they planned to carry out the attacks. The plans and efforts were discovered by police and ISA investigators.

Upon completion of the investigation, the evidence against the terror cell was compiled. Their arrests have been extended multiple times and they are expected to be indicted on Thursday at the Jerusalem Magistrates Court.