Supporting Israel's Widows and Orphans
Supporting Israel's Widows and Orphansצילום: Courtesy

In Israel, the impact of terrorist activities has left thousands of young widows and orphans grappling with profound loss and suffering. Tragically, since the onset of the Swords of Iron war in Gaza, their numbers have only increased, with families shattered by grief and left to bear their burdens alone.

The Avior Organization has been a beacon of hope for these families for over two decades, offering both economic and emotional support, especially during times of celebration like Pesach. As we approach these holidays, we are committed to extending our assistance to even more widows and orphans who have been recently added due to the conflict.


We invite you to join us in this noble endeavor, extending a helping hand to those who have lost loved ones in the harsh battles of the Gaza war. Your support will provide dignified food baskets, candy kits, gifts, and toys for teenagers and children, along with substantial shopping vouchers for Passover essentials.

Together, let's ensure that these grieving families feel the embrace of love and support, offering them hope as they navigate their journey towards healing and renewal.

Your donation will make a meaningful difference in the lives of those who have sacrificed so much for Am Israel. Let's illuminate their darkness with the light of joy and hope for a brighter tomorrow.

Please, open your heart and stand in solidarity with Israel's widows and orphans.


All contributions are Tax-deductible 501c3