ISA chief Ronen Bar
ISA chief Ronen BarFlash90

ISA chief Ronen Bar came on Tuesday night to the Prime Minister's Residence in Jerusalem to assess the situation after hundreds of protesters tried to get close to the building, during an anti-government demonstration.

After assessing the situation, Bar said: "The violent discourse online and some of the scenes we saw tonight in Jerusalem, go beyond the accepted rules of protest, harm our ability to maintain civil order, may lead to violent friction with the security forces, prevent them from fulfilling their duties and even harm protected individuals."

He added that, "We can draw a clear line between a legitimate protest and a violent and illegal protest. This is a trend that must concern us. It’s a slippery slope and could lead to dangerous situations that should not be reached."

During the stormy protest, a group of demonstrators showed up with torches, breached the security fences and confronted the police. Someone threw a burning torch at a policeman.

A protester got under the wheels of the police water spraying vehicle and a police officer suffered a hand injury when a rioter threw part of a fence at him. He was taken to a hospital for medical treatment.

Five rioters were arrested for disturbing civil order and involvement in violent riots, among them a suspect who was lying under the police vehicle, and a suspect who caused damage to the protest site. Another suspect was arrested earlier today for bringing the rioters to breach the police fences at the site.