Pesach seder
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This year, 17-year-old Bentzi Schaeffer is nervous about Pesach. He will be leading his family’s seder for the first time, for a tragic reason: His father passed away two weeks ago, leaving behind 11 children.

Since then, Bentzi’s mother is crushed under the weight of raising 11 children alone. Rabbi Schaeffer will be sorely missed by his children during the holiday. His love, guidance, and financial support were what kept the family afloat. “I will do my best to make him proud,” writes Bentzi.

Since Rabbi Schaeffer’s passing, his family has been receiving help from the Achisamach organization. Achisamach provided them with Shabbat meals. This was critically needed, as there is no money in their bank account for groceries.

With Pesach approaching, Bentzi has more to worry about than the seder: There is no money to afford groceries, clothing, or other holiday essentials. Bentzi’s only suit is still torn from the shiva.

Donations are being collected to help the Schaeffers and 40 other families like them to experience Pesach with dignity. These families have all experienced loss or illness, and cannot afford their most basic bills. As of now, the campaign has not raised enough to help even one family.

If you are fortunate enough to have a budget for groceries for the upcoming holiday, please consider donating to help the Schaeffers. Their father may not be with them this Pesach, but you can be.