Omer Rabi and his daughter
Omer Rabi and his daughterAssuta Ashdod Spokesperson

Captain (res.) Omer Rabi was drafted into the reserves on October 7 to fight in Gaza, while his wife, Liav, was also drafted as a reserve officer in the Southern Command. Liav was pregnant with her first child at the time.

Omer participated in the fighting in Beit Hanun as the deputy commander of the 697th Battalion's Palsar Company in the 551st Brigade. When an explosive device was detonated, Omer was seriously injured, along with six of his comrades. Four fighters were killed in the incident.

He was taken by helicopter to hospital, treated and underwent rehabilitation for about one month, after which he insisted on returning to fight alongside his soldiers – and he did.

During that entire period, his wife Liav, was by his side as the pregnancy progressed. On Tuesday night gave birth to their firstborn daughter.

Omer said: "The thing that gave me strength during all that time in the hospital and in combat is the feeling of responsibility for my soldiers, and concern for my wife and the baby on the way."

Liav added: "I am not taking it for granted that Omer survived the incident and is here by my side and holding our firstborn daughter. This is our private victory over all those who seek to harm us."

"We are delighted for the privilege that has been given to us and we will never forget those who made this all is possible," the two concluded.