JewBelong billboard in Oakland, papered over by an anti-Zionist group
JewBelong billboard in Oakland, papered over by an anti-Zionist groupAnonymous

Extremist Palestinian Arab populations within America have arisen on the world stage; seemingly with a single purpose: to instigate fear engendering confrontations against Israel and by extension to Jews, worldwide; particularly within the United States. The perpetrators show little to no respect for hard-fought-for American Constitutional rights for our Jewish minority, their places of worship, or their businesses. They appear to only demand their rights to repeated loud, public street anti-Israel demonstrations that have led to assault against those showing any prominent signs of supporting Israel, or referencing their historic suffering during the Holocaust.

These extremist Palestinian Arab elements have hijacked the definition of being “the victim.” They learned well how to manipulate the Nazi Propaganda Playbook to suit their agendas; particularly within the chapters of repeating big lies over and over, while focusing anger upon a population, I.e. Israel and by extension, Jews worldwide, as the sole cause for all of their frustrations and failures, i.e Jewish men,women and children, whose only guilt is choosing to live their faith and practice its traditional attachment to their biblical and indigenous homeland, Israel.

Yet todays’ perpetrators of this carefully crafted targeted hate, if not discrimination, seem to skirt laws on the books regarding civil disobedience; if not repeatedly focused terror campaigns. Although not yet Federally chargeable as ‘Domestic Terrorism’, repeated group terror targeting, as appropriate, be charged within state statutes; while federal authorities ponder if such are being organized and financed by unregistered foreign agents.

While the aggressive bullies demand and carry out what appears to be an entitlement to prohibit Jews from publicly gathering, speaking out for their Jewish faith, and demonstrating support for their indigenous, biblically and UN recognized homeland, Israel; they frequently seek out people who appear as Orthodox Jews, by their garb; or who are speaking Hebrew; or just to gain attention for their Palestinian cause.

All the while, they are denying Jews their rights to “Peaceful Streets” at their places of business, on their streets in their known neighborhoods for simply just ‘being.’ Nothing as vicious as what was rampant in the pre-Holocaust days within Germany during the State-tolerated, if not actively sanctioned, public shattering of Jews’ innate ‘human rights’ within the 1930’s; that is; until now!

There is little doubt that today's escalating evil within America can trace some of its roots to the choreography of ‘puppet master’ Iran and its single-minded and obedient henchmen: Hamas, Hezbollah, Houthis, P.I.J., as well as perennial P.A. President and P.L.O. Chairman, Mahmoud Abbas.

They have masterfully manipulated public opinion against Israel and again by extension against Jews through mistruths and history revision; most apparent on campuses across the United States and post the shifting of the blatant guilts of 10/07/23, to the victims of the barbaric attack.

Is it just me, or does much of the world enjoy inflicting pain upon Jew, as a group at every opportunity where it can get away with such?

The powers that be, at some level or another, who must know that this behavior is wrong, appear to cower in silence in the shadows; believing their silence will keep them safe from the fray.

Spoiler alert: it won’t. When Iran encourages its chants of, “Death to Israel”; foolish Americans close their ears and minds to the rest of the threat: “Death to America.” All the while, the “Puppet Master” is quietly putting the finishing touches on developing its nuclear weapon capability and its Intercontinental Ballistic Missile means of transporting such payloads; as its currently orbiting satellites improve their guidance capabilities; and it overtly allies with Russia and China.