Sirens warning of a suspected infiltration of a hostile aircraft were activated shortly after 11:00 p.m. in many localities in the southern Golan Heights on Monday evening.

A few minutes later, the Home Front Command announced that the incident was over.

Later, the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said that, following the alerts in the north, a suspicious aerial target had been detected that made its way towards Israeli territory from the direction of Syria.

The statement said that "the target was shot down in Syrian territory and did not cross into Israeli territory. The incident has concluded."

The incident came hours after the air strikes near the Iranian consulate in Damascus, in which senior Iranian Revolutionary Guards official Mohammad Reza Zahedi was killed and which was blamed on Israel.

Overnight Sunday, an unmanned aircraft was launched towards Israel and crashed at the naval base in Eilat.

According to a preliminary investigation, the vessel flew from Iraq, penetrated through Jordan and exploded without being intercepted. The Shiite militias in Iraq claimed responsibility for the launch.

The Israel Air Force will investigate how the aircraft managed to penetrate Israel’s air defense systems.