Sergeant Major Mia Vialovo Polo
Sergeant Major Mia Vialovo Poloצילום: משפחתי

Radio recordings from surveilance post operator Sergeant Major Mia Vialovo Polo from the first minutes of the surprise attack on Israel were published today by Kan.

At 6:30, Vialovo Polo is heard reporting: "Diego station, we are tracking 4 people, confirm receipt." Two minutes later, she reported that "There is a bulldozer that is currently destroying fence sector 90, confirm receipt".

At 6:35, Vialovo Polo reports: "Code 'Turkish Rider' - two people who are currently on a motorcycle and heading south". Turkish Rider is the code indicating an unidentfied force breaching one of Israel's borders.

A short while later, she reports: "Diego station, be advised,there are 20 people are currently near the fence."

Earlier this month, Channel 12 News published a recording of the late Sergeant Roni Eshel from those difficult moments at the Nachal Oz outpost. The late Sergeant Eshel, who was on duty, during the shift, at the time of the Hamas invasion, saw everything with her own eyes, and reported the entire invading force over the radio.

Despite the reports, the forces stationed at the fence and the police and civilian security forces of the Gaza region waited multiple hours for any sizable IDF reinforcements to arrive.