A fundraising event for Biden's campaign turned into a protest scene against Israel.

The American president hosted former presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton at an event designed to raise funds for his presidential election campaign. During the discussion among the three former presidents, which took place at the "Radio City Music Hall" in New York, calls from pro-Palestinian protesters accusing President Biden of supporting Israel were heard.

Obama spoke and talked about President Biden's attitude toward the war in Gaza. "The world has its share of joy and beauty, but it also has tragedy and cruelty. Referring to the Gaza conflict, he said, "We can unequivocally support the people of Israel and their right to live and raise families, and that was Joe's stance. However, we can also be heartbroken when we see the lives of innocents lost and try to manage the situation to allow both sides to live in peace. This is a complicated task," said Obama.

A member of the audience began to shout at President Biden, saying "Shame on you Joe Biden, you support the genocide in Palestine". Obama replied to the protester, "You can't just talk and not listen. That's what the other side does. We can hold clearly moral beliefs and deep convictions, while recognizing the complexity of the world and the challenges of solving these problems. The reason I believe Joe Biden was one of the best vice-presidents we ever had, and he is an excellent president, is because of his moral persuasion and clarity. He recognizes that the world is complex and is willing to listen to all sides to find common ground. That's the kind of president I want".

On the way to the event, the motorcade of the three former presidents passed close to dozens of protesters against Israel who called on President Biden to withdraw his support for Israel.

During the event, Biden raised $25 million for his election campaign.