The vehicle that was shot
The vehicle that was shotMDA Spokesperson

The far-left Looking the Occupation in the Eyes organization announced on Thursday that two of the wounded in the shooting attack in the Jordan Valley are activists in the organization who were on their way to assist Palestinian Arab shepherds in the area.

The two were lightly to moderately wounded as they traveled in their car on Route 90. A 13-year-old boy was also wounded lightly in the attack.

Looking the Occupation in the Eyes clarified that the attack would not prevent them from continuing to "work to protect the Palestinians."

The organization stated: "These days, under the cover of the war, we are witness to the rise in intensity and scope of the oppression of the Palestinians across the occupied territories. Human rights activists working in this violent reality are liable to be harmed as well, as we saw this morning."

However, the organization emphasized that "this incident will not prevent us from continuing to work to protect the Palestinians and demanding freedom and equality for all those who settle the land. Solving the conflict is the only way to bring peace and security to all who reside in this land."

The terrorist opened fire towards a bulletproof bus transporting students and two cars near the Palestinian Authority Arab village of Al-Auja in the Jericho area. MDA reported that a man in his 30s was moderately to seriously wounded, and a man in his 20s and a 13-year-old boy were lightly wounded.

It is suspected that the terrorists waited in ambush for the vehicles, fired at them, and immediately escaped the scene. The victims recalled that the terrorist was masked and stood at the side of the road wearing clothes similar to IDF uniforms, and he fired at them using a rifle.

Security forces have begun searching for the terrorists who carried out the attack, and suspect that the terrorist escaped the scene without a vehicle. The forces are searching in Al-Auja and nearby villages, aided by aircraft. Route 90 has been closed to southbound traffic from Na'aran.

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