Justice Khaled Kabub
Justice Khaled KabubFlash 90

Uri Shoham, ombudsman for judges and a retired justice himself, has found the complaint against Supreme Court justice Khaled Kabub to be justified.

Kabub, appointed to his position in 2022, is the Supreme Court's first Muslim justice.

Responding to the complaint, which was filed by the Lavi movement for proper management and the B'tsalmo human rights organization, Shoham wrote that "we should wonder" about the story told by Kabub, "since the request to provide a preventive order and active orders was sent together with a compromise agreement in which the judge's children appear as representing the defendants, and his son Walid Kabub signed as the one who approved it."

"It is my belief that study of the case in question and its appendices (which are many), as the judge himself noted in his decision that he did, would have effortlessly revealed that his children are connected, whether directly or indirectly, in the process, and thus he should not have ruled on the case, and certainly should not have given any decision on the matter."

The complaints were filed with the ombudsman after journalist Avishai Grinzaig revealed to the public broadcasting corporation the serious findings regarding Kabub's behavior.

The Lavi organization has called on the Judicial Selection Committee not to come to terms with a justice who used the power of his position and acted out of a conflict of interest, but to act in accordance with its authority and declare the dismissal of Justice Kabub.