Will Britain follow Canada's lead and stop arms sales to Israel?

A letter signed by more than 130 British MPs was sent to British Foreign Secretary David Cameron, demanding that the British government immediately halt arms sales to Israel, because, "UK-made arms are being used in Gaza," according to the signatories.

The letter was initiated by Zarah Sultana, a member of the Labour Party, who managed to garner signatures of more than 130 MPs. “Business as usual” for UK arms exports to Israel is “totally unacceptable”. It says UK-made arms are being used in Gaza, noting a recent UN investigation that found an F-16 fighter jet made with UK parts was probably responsible for the bombing of British doctors in Gaza.”

The letter sent to Foreign Minister David Cameron continues, “In two previous escalations of conflict in Gaza, UK governments have suspended arms sales to Israel. Today the scale of violence committed by the Israeli military is vastly more deadly, but the UK government has failed to act”.

The letter was sent after the Canadian government announced it would halt arms sales to Israel, following allegations that Israel was violating international law in the Gaza war. British Foreign Secretary Cameron also recently expressed public concern about the possibility that the IDF is committing violations of international law, although no country has been able to prove such violations so far. The letter also comes after the US abstained in a vote on a resolution calling for an immediate ceasefire and the release of all hostages held by Hamas.