Idan Amedi in hospital
Idan Amedi in hospitalMiriam Alster/Flash90

Idan Amedi, singer, songwriter and IDF soldier, who was seriously wounded in battle in Gaza, turned down an offer he received to light a torch at the Independence Day ceremony this year.

Amedi wrote in his Instagram account about the fighting in Gaza: "Everywhere I went in Gaza, in Sejaiya or Khan Yunis, I met with shocked looks. Some of the soldiers asked me in amazement, 'What are you doing here?' Something just didn’t seem logical to them. Lying dusty on the ground, holding equipment and weapons, I felt closer to my people than ever before. During this war I got to meet the best of our nation, our heroes, but first and foremost these are simple people, with dreams, desires and a hungry heart full of longing for their homes."

Amedi said, "I will talk about my part in this war at some point. I am proud of the choices I made. From the first moment it was clearer to me than ever before, that this time I was fighting for the future of my children, Yaeli and Yonatan, and this strengthened me and helped me strengthen others, even in the darkest of places."

Regarding the offer he received to light a torch, Amedi wrote that he was going to turn down the honor and would remain at home to commemorate with the fallen: "In the past few days, I was called by the media about the decision to give me the honor of lighting a torch at this year's Independence Day ceremony. Even though the theme of the ceremony is 'Israeli heroism,' and there is no greater honor, but unfortunately I will be turning down this offer this year. We discovered so many heroes on that Black Saturday. Some of them were my soldiers in the past and also in the current war. This year I will be staying home and uniting with their memory, like many others in Israel."

Amedi added that in the future he hopes to be given the honor of lighting a torch, because of words to a song that he will write and not because of his heroism, "but I will also remember the miracle called the 'Jewish State.’ Recently I understood this miracle in the most profound way.”

"I would like to thank everyone who recommended me for this honor, the Minister of Defense, Minister Regev and the committee members. May the memory of Alexei, Akiva, Gavri, Eliran and all the other soldiers who fell for us be blessed. May we merit to be worthy of their light, because of them our glory continues in this world. Long live this nation. We are a wonderful nation," he concluded.