PM Benjamin Netanyahu
PM Benjamin NetanyahuReuters

The Prime Minister's Office on Tuesday morning said that Hamas is not interested in a prisoner swap agreement.

"The Hamas position proves clearly that Hamas is not interested in continuing the negotiations for a deal, and constitutes saddening evidence of the damage done by the Security Council's resolution," the Office said in a statement.

"Hamas has once again rejected every US compromise and returned to its extremist demands: an immediate end to the war, the IDF's complete withdrawal from the Strip, and remaining in power so that they can repeat the October 7 massacre over and over again, as they have promised to do.

"Hamas has refused every US compromise proposal, and praised the Security Council resolution.

"Israel will not cave to Hamas' outrageous demands, and will continue operating to achieve all of the goals of the war: the release of all the hostages, the destruction of Hamas' military and governing abilities, and ensuring that Gaza will never again threaten Israel."