US bridge (illustrative)
US bridge (illustrative)iStock

The US Coast Guard received a report at 1:27 a.m. on Tuesday that the Singapore-flagged cargo ship, the Dali, had struck the Francis Scott Key bridge that crosses outer Baltimore Harbor early Tuesday, triggering a collapse.

A mass casualty incident was declared. Both state forces and those of several counties and municipalities have been dispatched to join the rescue effort.

The authorities have warned the public not to attempt to either make their way across the remaining bridge or to reach the scene, both for their own safety and to allow rescue forces to operate unimpeded.

All of the ship’s crew have been accounted for, with no injuries. Authorities are still working to determine if anyone besides the crew may have been injured in the collapse.

Dali’s owners stated that they are not yet sure of the cause of the collision, and are cooperating with the American authorities investigating the incident.