Benny Gantz
Benny GantzPress Release

Blue and White leader Benny Gantz responded to the UN Security Council vote today, in which the council refused to demand the return of the hostages and the USA refused to impose its veto against the resolution.

As a result, Prime Minister Netanyahu declared that he was canceling the delegation that had been planned to hold talks in Washington about the expected ground offensive in Rafah.

‘’Israel has a moral obligation to continue the war until the hostages have been recovered and the Hamas threat has been removed, and will do so. The Security Council decision has no operational meaning for us, and at any rate, we will continue to listen to our allies, and do what is best for the security of Israel.’’

‘’Along with this, it is important to remember that our unique relation with the United States of America is a security and diplomatic anchor for Israel, and direct discourse with the American government is a vital asset that we cannot surrender even when there are challenges or disagreements.’’

“The USA did well to clarify that a ceasefire would require as a precondition the release of the hostages. The Defense Minister did well to go to the USA, and will discuss with senior officials in the American administration about the political and security issues at hand and our need for the war to continue.”

“It would be best if not only the delegation was sent as planned, but the Prime Minister go himself to the USA, and speak directly with President Biden and senior officials in the administration.”

The Prime Minister’s Office responded to Gantz: “After Hamas welcomed the Security Council decision that was passed by way of the USA's abstention, Gantz proposes that a delegation visit the USA. The Prime Minister has rejected his proposal.”