Al Jazeera Network building in Doha, Qatar
Al Jazeera Network building in Doha, QatariStock

The former director-general of the Qatari Al Jazeera network, Yasser Abu Hilala, clarified that the allegations of rape against IDF soldiers operating in Shifa Hospital were fabricated.

"It was revealed through Hamas investigations that the story of the rape of women in Shifa Hospital was fabricated, Hilala wrote, adding that "The woman who spoke about rape justified her exaggeration and incorrect talk by saying that the goal was to arouse the nation’s fervor and brotherhood!"

The woman who fabricated the rape libel, Jamilah al-Hasi, was interviewed last week by Al Jazeera. In the interview, she claimed that Israeli forces "raped women and murdered them near the Shifa Hospital complex." She further alleged that "they forced 65 families to leave," something that negates the IDF's orders.

After the interview was published, IDF Arabic-language Spokesman Avichay Adraee worked to refute Hamas's lie. Adraee stated in a video posted to social media: "After they failed at everything else, Hamas's mouthpieces and its propaganda made up a lie that Israeli soldiers raped women and murdered them. Of course without any proof. One woman called and said that she was calling from what they call a 'hospital.' No one knows who this woman is, she just threw out some claims and lies so that Al Jazeera and Hamas mouthpieces could spread the lie.

Adraee added that "the Al Jazeera network and the Hamas mouthpieces are working unsuccessfully to improve the appearance of ISIS-Hamas after October 7th and the acts of massacre, rape, and destruction it committed. Hamas failed in every field - both on the ground and in the media. It claimed that Shifa was a hospital like any other in the world, but there is no way to hide anything, and it is clear to all that Shifa Hospital has become a terror headquarters."

Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz reacted to the admission: "Look surprised, the Palestinians fabricate stories of rape to incite anti-Semitism. Antonio Guterres, I'm sure that's sad for you to hear, but that's the reality," the Minister wrote.