MK Danny Danon
MK Danny Danonno credit

A terse dispute erupted on Sunday evening at the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) conference in Geneva, between the South African representative and chairman of the Israeli delegation to the conference, MK Danny Danon.

In her speech at the conference, the South African representative accused Israel of crimes against humanity, of creating a deliberate humanitarian crisis in Gaza, and called for an immediate halt of the war.

MK Danon took the stage and responded: "Israel was forced into a war with the radical terrorist organization of Hamas. The representative of South Africa is supporting the Hamas terrorists, calling them political detainees."

Danon addressed the South African representative following interim call-outs to interrupt his speech: "Do you know that you are protecting the savages who attacked us on October 7th, who kidnapped innocent children, killed their parents in front of them? Do you know that you represent the Hamas terrorist organization?"

"Anyone who supports South Africa's position supports the crimes committed by the Hamas terrorist organization," Danon said.