Adina Moshe speaks at the rally
Adina Moshe speaks at the rallyFamilies Headquarters

Released hostage Adina Moshe spoke Saturday night at a rally demanding the release of the hostages remaining in Gaza.

Moshe described it as "a not good evening. I was there. I was released after 49 days, which seemed like an eternity."

"My friends remain there - very elderly people, very ill, without medication. The children, who are now young and whom I cared for all my life from Kibbutz Nir Oz, are still there.

"Yarden (Jordan) Bibas is still there. Yarden is convinced that his wife survived, despite those monsters telling him that she was killed, along with their children."

Moshe stressed, "I want this indifference to stop. I was there, and it's terrible."

"It cannot be that my country continues to ignore the hostages. This is the most awful thing I ever thought could happen here. It cannot be!

"I don't care who the ruler is, I don't care, they are no longer mine, none of them. None of them is mine, and this flag is not mine.

"Someone needs to take the reins wisely and get them out of there! This should have happened long ago.

"Even Hamas was sure that this is what Israel would do, right? They were surprised, but what about us, with those who are there? What about the murder of my dear husband? Nothing. Indifference. Can this be? In the holy State of Israel? God forbid."

She continued, "One more thing, I will slightly moderate my words, and still, I am appealing to the Prime Minister, who is still mine - you abandoned us on October 7th, and you continue to abandon us still."

"Such things are unacceptable, not in our Judaism and not anywhere else in the world. Who knows of such things, that people are taken hostage and receive no assistance? There are also ill people among the young ones. This must stop now."