Residents guarding the road in Huwara
Residents guarding the road in HuwaraCourtesy

The IDF has withdrawn forces that were securing the road in the Palestinian city of Huwara. Following a notification to residents of the area that the road would no longer be guarded, the residents have announced that they will man the guideposts themselves.

A short while ago, residents made their way to the guideposts and began taking up guard duty along the route. After they had done so, a large force of IDF and Border Police personnel returned to man the guardposts.

Moshe Foa, a resident of Elon Moreh who had been coordinating the movement, commented: “Citizens of Israel - I am not addressing the Prime Minister, the Defense Minister, or General Fox of the Central Command, who have decided to abandon us for our murderous neighbors. These three do not know how to defeat enemies and are only ever involved in giving a sense of security.”

“I instead address all the citizens of Israel from Huwara, the city of murderers that should have been destroyed long ago. Not only was it not destroyed, the security forces today abandoned those traveling through the city and stopped guarding the road.”

“Our security system has abandoned our brethren in the Gaza region and us every day. Citizens of Israel - to arms! Buy anything legal that could help you on the day of reckoning. Don’t rely on the security forces at all!”