In this episode, we delve into the significance of the first word of the parsha (Torah portion) and the book itself - which is also the name of the book - Vayikra (literally, 'and He called'; known in English as Leviticus).

Unlike other books, like Sefer Bamidbar (the Book of Numbers), which isn't named after its opening word, Vayikra holds a unique prominence. We dont call Sefer Bamidbar, “He spoke” - even though it similar and is the first word.

But why?

What does "Vayikra" signify?

We also explore the intriguing detail of the small letter "aleph" (א) at the end of the word - since this word is written with a small aleph in the Sefer Torah (Torah scroll). How does this seemingly minor nuance contribute to the deeper meaning?

Plus, we uncover the connection between Vayikra, Shabbat Zachor, and Purim - as it is all incredibly connected!

Join us as we unravel these fascinating insights from the Torah.