Security around Israeli embassy in The Hague
Security around Israeli embassy in The HagueReuters/Utrecht Robin/ABACA

Dutch police said on Thursday they had arrested a person suspected of throwing a burning object at Israel's embassy in The Hague, which is under heavy security amid the war in Gaza, AFP reported.

"Around 10:50 am someone threw a burning object... towards the Israeli embassy," police said, adding, "We have arrested one suspect. No-one was injured. We are investigating and there is a large barrier around the embassy."

Security has been stepped up around Israeli embassies across the world as anti-Israel incidents have increased in the wake of the October 7 attacks by Hamas and the war in Gaza which followed.

The Israeli embassy in The Hague wrote on social media, "It is unacceptable that such an attack can take place in the Netherlands. Fortunately, no injuries were reported."

"This shows the dangerous consequences of the worrying trend of increasing hatred and incitement. This hatred cannot be tolerated," it added.

Outgoing Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte described the attack as "unacceptable" and added, "Criticism is allowed in the Netherlands but this should never lead to violence. I am grateful to the authorities, who are taking this very seriously.”

In February, there was a bomb scare at the official residence of the Israeli ambassador in The Hague.

In January, a bomb squad in Sweden destroyed a grenade that was thrown at Israel's embassy in Stockholm but did not explode.

In December, security and law enforcement authorities in Denmark and Germany announced that they arrested Hamas terrorists who were operating in Europe with the intent of striking Israeli and Jewish targets.