Police in Lod
Police in LodYossi Aloni/Flash90

A masked individual left a bloody corpse behind the front door of Rabbi Mordechai Silman, a rabbi in the Ganei Ayalon neighborhood in Lod.

Those close to the rabbi are having trouble finding the source of the threat, but they assume it comes as a continuation of the recent fiery municipal elections cycle in the city.

A complaint was filed with the Central District Police and the case is currently being investigated.

Lod Mayor Yair Revivo commented on the incident: "I am very shocked by the criminal and vile act against Rabbi Silman. I am convinced that this has absolutely no connection to the election cycle. I spoke with the commander of the (police) station and asked for an immediate and vigorous police investigation to quickly bring the perpetrator to justice to the full extent of the law."

City Council member Yoram Marciano, who holds the city's security portfolio, also commented on the incident, stating: "Together with the Lod Municipality's security department, I will not rest and I will not be silent until we get our hands on the criminals who are trying to pass a threatening message to Rabbi Mordechai Silman.

"Since this morning, I have been in contact with the station commander who announced that he will use all resources to catch the man, likewise, I spoke with the honorable several times, I came to encourage him and I left encouraged by the honorable rabbi's spirit and resilience.

"We will show zero tolerance to the scoundrels and cowards who try to hurt and threaten. In addition, I notified the Mayor who asked everyone to provide all the resources to catch the cowards."