IDF radar operators (illustrative)
IDF radar operators (illustrative)Flash 90

Local authorities in the Sharon Region of Israel which border Judea and Samaria have set up radar systems to alert residents of attempted terrorist infiltration, Israel Hayom reported.

The system was set up following the October 7 massacres, in which terrorists infiltrated Jewish towns along the Gaza-Israel border, burning, beheading, kidnapping, raping, dismembering, mutilating, and murdering civilians in front of their loved ones. Following these events, concerns have grown along the security fence that Palestinian Authority Arab terrorists may attempt October 7 copycat attacks in central Israel.

The first authority to set up the systems is Kadima-Zoran, which is near the Palestinian Authority terror hothouse of Tulkarem.

The towns along the security fence are located near Palestinian Authority-controlled cities and vilalges, such as Qalqiliya and Tulkarem. Communities in the Sharon Region located near the security fence set up lookouts and guardposts after the October 7 massacre, expanded their security teams, and increased patrols near the security fence. Now, they are adding an additional layer of security, in the form of radar systems.

The systems will warn the security department and the town hotline about terrorists nearing the town's borders. It was set up on the eastern side of the authority, facing the Palestinian Authority villages.

The radar system is capable of operating in all weather, including during storms and fog. Thanks to a special algorithm, it can identify and warn of objects which were pre-programmed, such as 4x4s, horseback riders, and people. The system issues an alert at the object's appearance, and displays the object on a screen shown to the hotline's representatives. In the case of an emergency, the center will turn immediately to the police, and send a security vehicle to the scene.

In addition to the radar system the authority has also set up bulletproof cement blocks at the entrance to the town, set up police security squads and armed civilian guards, and placed barbed wire on the fences.

Keren Green, the Council head, told Israel Hayom, "Our residents' security is our highest priority. I will not wait for the State and the police to increase the security that they are supposed to provide."

"After the events of October 7, the Council under my authority did not spare anything in order to provide comprehensive security for the town, as much as possible. The radar system will greatly help the security department and will alert [them] to the dangers ahead of time. This is an unprecedented and pretentious step for a local authority."