Police station
Police stationMiriam Alster, Flash 90

Israel's High Court of Justice decided Wednesday to demolish the house of the terrorist who carried out the attack outside the Shalem police station in Jerusalem, in which policeman Ofir Hajbi was seriously wounded.

Justices David Mintz and Yosef Elron supported the demolition, and Justice Yitzhak Amit was in the minority when he argued that sealing the terrorist's house would suffice.

The reasons for the decision stated that it was necessary to demolish the terrorist's house due to the war situation and the increased need to deter potential terrorists.

Terrorist, Khaled al-Muhtaseb, 21, from Beit Hanina in East Jerusalem, tried to escape towards Sultan Suleiman, but the policemen sought contact and shot him dead.

The terrorist was armed with a Carlo submachine gun and opened fire at the policemen at the entrance to the police station.

Eyewitnesses who were near the scene of the attack said that the terrorist arrived at the scene in a car, parked near the station, and opened fire at the policemen.