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Kudos to National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir!

An international pariah, an obstacle to peace, an outcast on the world stage. What a breath of fresh air this man is!

As a student of Meir Kahane, HY”D, he is automatically labeled a racist, a Jewish terrorist and a hater. Yet here is a sampling of Kahane’s “extremist” thinking and worldview:

“I prefer a powerful and proud Jewish State that is hated by the entire world than an Auschwitz that is loved by one and all.”

“There is no greater anti-Semite that the Jewish one, and none hates the Jewish people more than the Jewish traitor and apostate.” [do Jonathan Glazer, Bernie Sanders come to mind, anyone?]

“One of the great problems with Americans is that - being a decent people - they assume that everyone else is equally decent.”

“The banding together by the nations of the world against Israel is the guarantee that their time of destruction is near and the final redemption of the Jew at hand.”

Kahane sounds more like a prophet than crackpot. But no matter, Ben-Gvir holds of these opinions, as do the majority of Jews post October 7.

Ben-Gvir is a pariah because he declares without apology that the Jew has an organic right to reside in the Land of Israel, not the Arab, and that that right was bestowed upon us by G-d Himself.

Oh my! [Cover one’s mouth for a polite cough and look away.] One doesn’t mention the Jewish G-d in polite company.

In fact, in the secular, liberal democratic West, one doesn’t mention G-d at all.

Communism aside, more people have been murdered in the name of Christianity than for any other cause in the history of humankind. Here’s a sampling of their blood lust: The Crusades. The Spanish Pogroms of 1391. The Chmielniki Pogroms 1648-1649. And on. And on.

And let’s not forget the two World Wars of the last century.

Recall that the Imperial German army uniform included a belt buckle into which was cast “Gott Mitt Uns.” Imperial German soldiers fighting for Kaiser Wilhelm II genuinely believe that G-d Himself would lead them to victory in war, that G-d was on the side of the Kaiser.

Problem was, so did the Allied soldiers.

During World War II, the battle cry for American soldiers going to the theaters of battle was “Onward Christian Soldiers/Marching Out to War.”

Lutherans and Catholics in good spiritual standing gleefully shoveled Jews into the crematoria. In fact, Hitler died as a kosher Catholic. While the Vatican wasted no time in excommunicating communists, it never got around to excommunicating fascists. In fact, the Vatican gave the fascists of Europe political cover and open support.

And let us also not forget that in 1943, once the Allied High Command had clear and unequivocal proof of the Nazi murder factories placed under their noses, their response was that ‘we cannot ask Christian airmen to risk their lives to bomb the concentration camps merely to rescue Jews.’

After the war, the enormity of the Holocaust finally sunk into the Western consciousness. It was properly understood as the culmination of the war against the Christ-killers, the reductio ad absurdum campaign that began with Constantine and ended in the death camps. Emerging from the war was the realization that, like Lady Macbeth, the blood stains on their hands can never – will never - be purged.

Secularists, humanists and atheists stepped forward to argue that the root cause of centuries of bloodshed and war was religious hatred. Eliminate religion, eliminate hatred. With a snap of a finger, problem solved.

Thus, since 1945 G-d has been banned from the public square and public discourse. The secularists, humanists and atheists had us believe that in the Nuclear Age, with the ability to destroy worlds, Man is G-d.

Europeans looked more carefully at American notions separating Church and State. Religious conviction could no longer to be a factor in public policy. If this was where Christianity led, Christianity must be stripped of its temporal power. Religion lived on exclusively in the province of the private conscience.

It also followed that if Christianity was flawed, then all religious views are flawed; all religious views must be banned from the public square. Politicians who invoked G-d in the formation of public policy were – and are – branded extremists, outside the pale of public discourse. (Islam does not find that daunting, ed.)

The State of Israel was grudgingly tolerated by the world after she had the temerity to survive the 1948 war because it was governed by “good” Jews: secularists, communists, socialists. They created a “State of the Jews” not a “Jewish State” which heralded the Ultimate Redemption of the Jewish People.

Until Kahane and his proteges came along, no Israeli politician dared make a strong Biblical claim to the Land of Israel.

And now we have Ben-Gvir, a proud Jew first and a politician second. A person of integrity who won’t buckle to the conventional secular orthodoxies, even if it means not being invited to play in the Washington sandbox. And he is not the only one. Smotrich, not as brash, stands strongly for the same.

Ben-Gvir is correct. Our sovereignty in Israel is absolute, and not subject to the veto of the United States, the United Nations, the European Union or any other temporal power. Our claim to the Land of Israel goes back 4,000 uninterrupted years, granted by the King who reigns over kings; who laughs at their fruitless machinations against His will.

In Netzach Yisrael, the Maharal says that for the Messianic Age to begin, Western Civilization must collapse. As Kahane predicted, we are witness to the collapse of the West.

Stand strong Mr. Ben-Gvir! You are our voice. May G-d strengthen Mr. Ben-Gvir and fill the Knesset with more like him.

Rabbi Mizrachi is the author of Holistic Judaism: A Radical Rethinking of Our Service to Gcd and our Fellow Man in the Messianic Age. Available on and Kindle. He can be reached at [email protected].