Lebanese ambulance
Lebanese ambulanceIDF spokesperson

Lieutenant Colonel Avichay Adraee, the IDF's Arabic language spokesperson, revealed evidence showing that the Hezbollah terrorist organization and the Amal Movement used an ambulance in southern Lebanon, bearing the symbol of a village and belonging to the "Islamic Health Authority" association, for terrorist purposes.

The ambulance is operated by Hassan Mohammed, who also manages the municipal authority in the village, which is a known Hezbollah stronghold.

After analyzing the activity pattern of the ambulance, it was noted that it behaves abnormally in moving between Hezbollah sites after the sites are bombed, even in cases where there is no need to transport injured people, as well as when it has been a long time since the site was struck.

Ambulances are used by Hezbollah and Amal to transport members between locations in areas surveyed by IDF forces, as well as to transport weapons or other equipment for terrorist activities.

Hezbollah uses ambulances in southern Lebanon to carry out terrorist activities and uses medical organizations as a cover for such activities.