Yariv Levin
Yariv LevinYonatan Sindel/Flash90

Justice Minister Yariv Levin has agreed to compromise on his position regarding the appointment of Supreme Court justices, and proposed a new agreement to resolve the appointment of the next Chief justice, Yediot Aharonot reported Tuesday morning.

The proposal would see Justice Yitzhak Amit become the next Chief Justice, despite Levin's opposition to the "seniority" principle. In exchange, Levin will be able to suggest and choose two conservative Supreme Court justices.

The Deputy Chief Justice, Uzi Fogelman, will suggest a liberal justice to replace him after his expected retirement in a few months.

The reports also said that the political echelon expects that Fogelman is interested in buying time, knowing that without the judicial reform and with the expected elections after the war's end, the next Judicial Selection Committee and the next Justice Minister will agree with his political beliefs.

Fogelman has been serving as Deputy Chief Justice for the past six months, ever since Chief Justice Esther Hayut and Justice Anat Baron retired.