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Test tubes (illustrative)iStock

Israel's Health Ministry and police on Monday morning said that there is concern that Israeli IVF patients were implanted with eggs from a woman carrying a genetic disease.

The eggs, imported from Georgia, carry hemophilia B, a genetic illness which causes blood-clotting issues and which can be life-threatening.

Police began an undercover investigation following a notice from the Ministry regarding a suspicion of crimes of aggravated fraud due to suspicions that the eggs, imported from Georgia for the purpose of being used in IVF procedures in Israel, even though they were donated by women who carry the disease.

The investigation was initiated after the Health Ministry received a complaint regarding the transfer of embryos carrying the disease to multiple patients in Israel.

During the investigation, additional materials were gathered against the two suspects who are involved in the field of IVF and imported the eggs, apparently knowing that they carry hemophilia.

Following this, the Health Ministry decided to end the import of eggs from the location in question, and instructed all of the IVF departments in Israel to locate the women for whom the imports will be conducted and inform them of the use risk in using the eggs. An investigation committee has been established.