Daniel Perez
Daniel PerezIDF

Former Prime Minister Naftali Bennett shared his visit with Rabbi Doron Perez, the father of the fallen Cpt. Daniel Perez, whose funeral was held today after his body had been captured by Hamas.

“This was incomprehensible strength,” Bennett wrote. “In their house, I heard the description of the battle for Nahal Oz, in which Daniel was killed while commanding his platoon on October 7th.”

“For two hours straight, Daniel commanded his tank crew, including the fallen Itay Hen and other crew members. The tank crew pushed back swarms and swarms of terrorists that had breached the border fence on their way to a killing spree. Like the boy with his finger in the dike, Daniel’s tank rushed from place to place to stop the flood of terrorists.”

“It would be easiest to stand off and perhaps fire from behind cover from time to time, but Daniel and his crew moved to engage because they knew that every terrorist they didn’t kill would carry on the killing spree.”

“The tracks of ‘Perez’s Tank’ look like spaghetti, long and twisted, and testify to his actions, initiative, and intense combat. They, along with other heroes, managed to stop a massacre in Nahal Oz, and prevented hordes of terrorists from reaching the town of Sa’ad, Kfar Aza, and main highways.”

“Daniel was wounded and kept trying to engage the enemy, all while losing blood. He literally fought until the last drop of blood had left his body. As ‘Perez’s Tank’ left tracks in Nahal Oz, Daniel has left tracks in the hearts of the next generation.”

“What a family! His brother Yehonatan, a company commander in the Paratrooper Brigade, also fought heroically in Nahal Oz until he was wounded. He and his soldiers managed to save dozens of other soldiers. He has since become married to Gila, and I immediately wished for them to bring much new life into the world, and make Rabbi Doron and Shelly into grandfathers and Adina and Shira into aunts. Daniel Perez will go down as one of the greatest heroes of Israel. All of Israel bows its head and mourns for its hero - Daniel Perez,” Bennett concluded.