An investigation led by the Jerusalem Border Police's Mateh Yehuda station and the crime-fighting unit of the Tzion precinct into an organized network trafficking illegal infiltrators from Judea and Samaria into pre-1967 Israeli territory led to an operation in Jerusalem on Sunday night.

Undercover Border Police officers and detectives, together with detectives from the Tzion precinct operated in the Jerusalem area and in the Issawiya neighborhood stopped a driver who was impersonating a police vehicle by fixing flashing lights to his front windshield. In the trunk of the vehicle, the officers found 13 illegal infiltrators.

In an additional activity on Route 1, officers stopped a van driver who had 18 illegal infiltrators in his van.

The two suspected drivers, residents of eastern Jerusalem, and the 31 illegal infiltrators were taken for questioning at the Mateh Yehuda Border Police station. In addition, the vehicles used in the crime were impounded.