Marlin Luanda on fire after Houthi attack
Marlin Luanda on fire after Houthi attackReuters/EYEPRESS Images

Houthi Defense Minister Mohammad Nasser Al-Atefi said on Sunday that all options are open in the campaign that Yemen is conducting in support of the Palestinian people against the "Zionist enemy".

Speaking during a military exercise, Al-Atefi said that the naval blockade imposed on Israel continues, and the attacks with various means of warfare against the American and British ships will not stop.

"We will make Washington and London and everyone associated with them understand that sovereignty over our sea and regional waters is one of the factors that cannot be debated," he stated, adding that "Yemen can take its rights by force and act against an international community that only respects the strong."

Yemen's armed forces, said Al-Atefi, "will force new military rules of the game that will make the US, Britain, the Zionists and those in their camp pay a heavy price."

The Houthi Defense Minister vowed that the attacks on Israel “will lead to victory and will certainly cause geopolitical changes that will lead to a new world order.”