IDF troops operating in Gaza
IDF troops operating in GazaIDF Spokesperson's Unit

Hamas has realized that the body of Marwan Issa, who was the deputy head of the terrorist organization’s military wing, is buried underneath a tunnel in Nuseirat and fears that Israel will try to reach the area first to retrieve his body and use it as a bargaining chip, Kan 11 News reported on Sunday.

According to Palestinian Arab sources with knowledge of the details, Hamas has also realized that Razi Abu Tama'a, commander of its armed forces in central Gaza, is also buried under the tunnel, and that his body may also be used as a bargaining chip. On the other hand, Hamas is afraid to send teams to the area for fear of being attacked.

On Sunday morning, Reshet Bet radio reported that the leaders of Hamas confirmed in closed conversations that Issa was eliminated.

The Guardian newspaper reported that all Hamas communication systems between senior leaders were silent for more than 72 hours after the attack on Issa. A similar thing occurred after previous eliminations of senior Hamas officials.