IDF operation in Jenin, archive
IDF operation in Jenin, archiveFlash90

The Israel Police have recently held several exercises and assessments that deal with the concern of a mass invasion from the Jenin area to nearby Israeli towns.

Avi Danieli, the commander of the Israel Police’s lowlands region stated "We have held exercises simulating a terrorist takeover of the Afula police station and invasion of the town of Gadish, along with civilian emergency squads. We have Border Police and the Special Patrol Unit deployed along the border, and we have carried out numerous exercises in the area."

‘We carry out exercises along with the IDF, we are exceptionally strong, and prepared for any scenario and intrusion."

The commander of the special patrol Unit in the area, Timor Yugodiev, added: "Since October 7th, we have drawn conclusions, and understood that when a multi-front incident with numerous casualties is underway, the MDA and United Hatzalah will be unable to reach the area, especially when the area has not been sterilized and there is still active combat underway."

‘We have undertaken a week of combat medical training, which at the moment of truth will allow us to save lives and evacuate both soldiers and civilians to hospital care. We have recently held an exercise that focuses on combat, managing a medical scenario, and evacuating victims to a safe space for transfer to medical services."