airstrike in Gaza (archive)
airstrike in Gaza (archive)Abed Rahim Khatib/Flash90

The leaders of the Hamas terrorist organization confirmed in closed conversations that Marwan Issa, the deputy commander of the military wing of Hamas, was eliminated, Kan Reshet Bet reported this morning (Sunday). Issa was the third-highest-ranking Hamas official in Gaza.

According to the report, Hamas confirmed that Issa was killed in an airstrike a week ago and has since been buried under the rubble of the tunnel together with one of Hamas's brigade commanders who was killed with him.

Palestinian Arab sources claimed Issa was killed in an attack in Nuseirat, in central Gaza, while he was in one of the Hamas hiding tunnels. According to the sources, Razi Abu Tuama, the commander of the Hamas Central Camps Brigade, was with him in the tunnel and was also killed.

A week ago, IDF aircraft attacked the Nuseirat camp in Gaza after obtaining accurate intelligence information about Issa's whereabouts.

The IDF even attacked Hamas rescue squads stationed near the scene, which were supposed to drive Issa away if he had survived the attack.

Since then, the organization has maintained complete silence on the issue and has not issued an official statement on Issa's condition. In Israel, there were increasing estimates that the elimination was successful, but officials have been waiting for certain information to come in and have not yet announced that he was indeed eliminated.