Hamas terrorists infiltrate Israel on October 7th
Hamas terrorists infiltrate Israel on October 7thAtia Mohammed/Flash90

The Fatah movement, led by Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas harshly condemned Hamas in light of the latter's criticism of the appointment of the new Palestinian Prime Minister without its consultation.

In a message published on Friday, Fatah noted that "those who caused the Israeli occupation to return to Gaza, brought the Nakba (catastrophe) on the Palestinian people, and in the Gaza Strip in particular, have no right to dictate the national priorities."

The movement emphasized that "the Hamas leadership is the one that is disconnected from reality and the Palestinian people since, until this very moment, it still does not understand the scope of the catastrophe our underprivileged nation in Gaza and the other Palestinian lands experienced."

The Palestinian news outlet Wafa, which quoted parts of the official statement, noted that Fatah expressed bewilderment over Hamas's claims regarding the PA's divisive moves, by raising the following question: "Did Hamas consult with the Palestinian leadership or any other Palestinian national official when it decided to go out on its adventure last October 7th, which brought a bigger and worse Nakba than the Nakba of 1948?

"Did Hamas consult with the Palestinian leadership when it holds negotiations with Israel and makes concessions and more concessions, and has no goal other than getting guarantees for its leaders and an attempt for a new deal with Netanyahu meant to preserve its divisive position in Gaza and the Palestinian theater?" Fatah wonders.

The statement continues with another question for Hamas: "Did the Hamas movement consult with anyone when it carried out its black coup against the legitimate Palestinian national leadership in 2007 and rejected any initiatives to end the division?"

Fatah asks in a mocking tone: "Did Hamas wish to appoint a Prime Minister from Iran or that Tehran appoint a Prime Minister for us?"

Fatah criticized Hamas leadership's conduct at a time of a "war of destruction" against the Palestinians noting their comfortable lives in seven-star hotels. "Why are most of Hamas's leaders living abroad? Why did they and their families flee and abandon the Palestinian people as they defenselessly face a brutal war of destruction?"